● To ensure that our firm image is perceived by our customers in the country and abroad.

● To produce quality products with customer-oriented approaches by using up-to-date technologies, to realize customer demands and expectations and to maintain customer satisfaction by providing after-sales service.

● Knowing our customers' problems and finding solutions to them in the fastest way possible and sharing them with our customers.

● Evaluating, planning, implementing all activities in a process status and monitoring and controlling performances

● To ensure that our Quality Management System is documented and continuously improved to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 Standard

● To be aware of all necessary legal requirements for our customers, suppliers, subcontractors and all employees, to follow up, implement and undertake the requirements in accordance with the legal regulations regarding the necessary precautions.

● To continue our works in cooperation and mutual benefit relationship with our suppliers, subcontractors and all employees.

● Ensuring that our Quality Policy is kept alive and understood inside and outside of Farben

● Reviewing the eligibility of the Quality Policy during the year


Customer orientation: At Farben, the asset is known to depend on customers, it is aimed to understand customer needs, meet their demands and exceed expectations, now and in the future.

Leadership: Leaders create unity of purpose and direction in Farben by giving measurable goals; While achieving the targets, full participation of employees is ensured.

Commitment of the staff: The staff is the main asset of Farben. Effective communication is established with the employees at Farben and employees are trained to be competent and conscious to do their jobs.

Process approach: Processes to achieve the goals in Farben; is determined, managed, controlled, monitored and measured. Thus, targeted business results can be achieved more efficiently.

Improvement: In order to have a more effective and efficient quality system, processes are continuously improved in Farben. This study provides an improvement especially in the outputs offered to customers.

Evidence-based decision making: Data and information are analyzed at Farben. In this way, the level of results obtained is known and thanks to this information, points open to improvement can be determined.

Relationship management: In Farben, interrelated processes are defined and managed. Since the output of one process is the input of another process, this issue is fully understood by both management and employees and it is known how the system works. Knowing the strategic importance and value of the expectations of the interested parties, Farben transforms the mutual benefit relationship into a collaboration aimed at creating common added value in the medium and long term.


In Farben, care is taken to ensure that all production processes and products are human and environmentally friendly. For this reason, adhering to current environmental standards in production areas. It is paid attention that the raw materials used in the production are degradable, do not harm human health in the short and long term, and are in compliance with the limits of the world health organization. In this context, a large part of the production consists of water-based products. Also, recyclable wastes are reused in the process, and non-recyclable wastes are disposed without harming the environment. Within the scope of sustainability principle, attention is paid to using natural resources in the most effective way during production activities.

Farben is an institution that has accepted the Logic Responsibility logic since its establishment and has officially approved it. As its focus is on the environment and people, it has positioned its production location in the Istanbul Organized Leather Industry Zone, which has a treatment system that includes the latest technology. Most of its products have “ECOTEC” standards since they are export-oriented.

In Farben, we work with the belief in the importance of environmental awareness and environmental legislation obligations are fulfilled completely. Care is taken to prevent possible pollution at its source. Farben ensures sustainable development and does its part in order to protect the environment in all production processes of the products with the effective work it does with its entire team.

As Farben, the values ​​that make us we are leaving a healthy, livable, clean environment for the next generations and instilling this awareness to all our employees.