R & D

R & D

Farben is an industrial organization that pioneers the development of its sector by constantly renewing itself and following the developments of the era it is in. In line with these characteristics that make it a leader, it has always attached importance to R&D studies and made strong investments in this field.

The main objectives of the projects carried out in the Farben R&D Center established on October 5, 2018 are as follows:

Development of environmental and human health sensitive leather and textile chemicals
Development of high-quality leather chemicals that will give leather different physical properties
Development of leather chemicals suitable for military use
The structure of experienced staff in the Farben R&D center:

2 graduate students, doctoral students
5 Undergraduate graduates
7 associate degree graduates
2 Technical high school graduates
Our valued business partners and consultants who take part in the projects that we carry out in terms of quality and customer are given below:

Ege University Leather Engineering Department
Kazlıçeşme R&D Center
Ekoteks Laboratories
Sepciler Deri Sanayi A.Ş.
Azolab Laboratory Services Inc.
Pelle Deri Tekstil San. Tic. Inc.

Organizations we attended as R&D Center:

3. R&D & Innovation Summit (as a Visitor)
4. Robot Investments Summit and Exhibition (as a Visitor)
Industry 4.0 Applications Summit and Exhibition (as a Visitor)
TURKCHEM - International Chemical Industry Fair (As Exhibitor)
Horizon 2020 and Eureka programs information day
8. Chemistry R&D Project Market (as Evaluation Jury)
Employee inventions and invention incentive payment seminar
Rewarding R&D employees, experience and information sharing day "