The importance of sustainable development, as in every sector; It is also increasing in the leather industry.

In the production of modern and sustainable leather and leather chemicals; economic interests, ecological benefit and consumer rights should be equally important. It is important for the leather industry, which is recognized with the risk of creating environmental pollution and has an intense agenda for problems related to compliance with ecological criteria, in adapting environmentally compatible techniques and technologies to the production of leather in the transfer of production to future generations.

Farben, a member of Herkim Group of Companies, which started its activities with the production of leather finishing chemicals in 1972, is one of the pioneers in the sector with its eco-compatible products produced especially for leather and textile industries with its experience and experience gained in line with environmentalist production policies. It has the necessary infrastructure and accumulation to produce all leather and textile chemicals, from wet processes to finishing, suitable for fur, clothing, footwear, lining, saddlery and upholstery leather types. Farben; As part of the production of sustainable leather and textile chemicals, it plays an active role in the development of chemicals, products and technologies that do not harm the environment. There are targets and production policies in this direction.

As Farben, we systematically address sustainable development challenges across the entire value chain and set our own development goals. In line with these goals;

We work to develop new products whose product components are largely based on renewable raw materials and that do not contain any toxicological properties.
We ensure the improvement of processes by reducing energy and water requirements, using chemicals more efficiently, and by conducting relevant research on the use of by-products / intermediates.
During and after use, we pay attention to improving the leather properties in terms of sustainability, providing a longer service life, lower consumption of leather and researching new recycling possibilities.

With the advantages we offer, we have a comprehensive portfolio of leather chemicals. Our Alpinelli, Farben Curtex and Pellecurtex series include our innovative products that are specially adapted to sustainable leather production and enable us to offer first-class performance to our customers. Within the scope of our solution portfolio;

Providing technical consultancy services on leather production related issues
Using alternative raw materials instead of products banned by international standards in leather production such as chrome VI, short chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCP), azo dyes.
Development of environmental and human health sensitive skin chemicals
Development of organic products formulated to meet leather quality expectations
Development of high-quality leather chemicals that will give leather different physical properties
Reusing suitable wastes in related processes
Establishing a sustainable supply chain
Removal of harmful raw materials from the leather production supply chain
Protection of brand reputation
Ensuring full compliance with chemical and environmental regulations
There are issues such as reducing the environmental effects of discharge fluids. "